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How donating to the NHS can help beat coronavirus

COVID-19, or coronavirus has taken many, many lives by now, and has altered all of our lives completely. It’s impact on global society has been unprecedented, and the tragic cost is everywhere to see. Nowhere is this more clear than with those frontline workers for NHS, and the completely important jobs they are performing, day-in, day-out. 

Any and all hospitals and healthcare services are, of course, essential during a pandemic. The fact that these institutions are under such additional strain is part of why the UK government is taking such extreme measures to prevent the spread of infection, such as enforcing social distancing and encouraging people to buy PPE.

The NHS has always been a proud cornerstone of British society, and we’ve all supported it as a national service through our taxes and our national pride. However, given the strain being placed on key workers and the infrastructure around them, the team behind PPE Solution feel that more direct support is required. Thankfully, many other businesses and members of the public feel the same.

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The importance of the NHS

When the NHS was founded in 1948, it was one of many post-war amenities introduced by the Labour government under Clement Attlee that fundamentally changed how we view British society. It marked the first time any country in the world offered free healthcare on the basis of citizenship, not fees. 

Since 1948 we’ve seen average life expectancy increase by 13 years, and infant mortality rates drop dramatically. The importance of the NHS really can’t be understated, both in improving our quality of life, and as a symbol of the positive impact of communal living. The existence of the NHS shows that we can all do our bit to making society as a whole better.

The fact is that the NHS is struggling. COVID-19 has changed the way wards are handled, has brought on a massive influx of patients nationwide, has necessitated high-quality PPE, and the need for specialist equipment like respirators. Not only that, but the staff who pour so much of themselves into the NHS are also incredibly at risk themselves. 

That’s why supporting the NHS through financial donations and equipment is so integral right now. We’re at a real turning point in the coming weeks, and the more we can contribute together, the better things will be for people across the board. 

Donation schemes for the NHS

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak there have been several fundraisers that have gained traction surrounding the NHS. However, if you’re looking for the best way to contribute, then the main method for donation is the NHS Charities Together federation.

Rather that one charity dedicated to the NHS, this is a conglomerate of over 250 charities that support the NHS itself, the staff, the patients, and the families of all those involved. That means all of your donations will really be felt at every level of the NHS—what better way to do your bit?

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Our contributions to the NHS

At PPE Solution we’re part of a wider series of businesses that have turned their manufacturing and distribution capabilities into producing PPE during these difficult times. We’re seeing countless people pulling together to push us through a global crisis any way they can, and we wanted to be a part of that.

Across our other brands, we’ve also donated a percentage of hand sanitiser sales to the NHS Charities Together federation, donated £2 of every sale to the Tom More fundraiser JustGiving, and donated much-needed dry skin cream to key workers struggling with the strain on their skin of repeated hand sanitiser use. 

Buying personal protective equipment

Another way you can do your bit for the NHS is by protecting yourself and others from the spread of coronavirus. You can do this by practicing social distancing as much as possible, and by wearing high quality PPE.

Wearing protective face masks is particularly important, as it not only protects your own respiratory system from potential infection, but also means that asymptomatic COVID-19 carriers don’t transmit droplets to those around them. The more face masks the better!

We also stock a wider variety of other options, including face shields, protective goggles, disposable aprons, and bio barriers. That way, you can look after your health no matter the situation, and help save the NHS any unnecessary strain. We’re all in this together.