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The importance of personal protective equipment (PPE) for coronavirus

As we pull through another week of lockdown together, and begin to approach the idea of how we might return to normality, one thing this pandemic has emphasised is the importance of everyday health and safety. An integral part of that will be personal protective equipment. 

The fact that terminology like PPE, or personal protective equipment, wasn’t widely known outside of industry before the outbreak of COVID-19 shows how much more seriously we all have to take safety precautions. PPE isn’t just about safeguarding yourself; it’s about safeguarding everyone.

At PPE Solution we’ve directed a massive amount of resources towards manufacturing and distributing high quality personal protective equipment, from face masks to hand sanitiser and protective goggles. If everyone’s health and safety is the largest issue we face as a global community, we’re here to provide a solution. Let’s find out why it’s so important.

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What is personal protective equipment?

Before we discuss why PPE is set to become a component part of the fight against coronavirus, let’s actually look at the origins of personal protective equipment, and the full scope of what that terminology can cover. At its core, it’s basically any healthy and safety equipment designed to safeguard user safety.

You’ll have largely heard PPE referring to equipment designed to protect against the spread of viral infections, whether that’s bio barriers or protective aprons. However, PPE refers to any and all protective gear, and in the past was largely used to refer to equipment used by manual labourers: hard hats, high-visibility clothing, safety harnesses and face shields

Clearly that definition has clearly shifted somewhat in 2020, and while it has always covered respiratory protective equipment, that has now become the de facto meaning. Now when we say PPE we think of gear used to protect key workers from contracting coronavirus, whether that’s nose and mouth protection or hand gel. That’s the equipment we’re focused on today.

Why is personal protective equipment important?

At PPE Solution our sole focus is on equipment designed to halt the spread of dangerous viruses, bacteria, and germs. We cover the full range of necessary equipment to ensure essential workers, those in self isolation, and everyone in between can feel safe.

But why is PPE so important? Let’s break down the major reasons why PPE is such a growing concern, and why international organisations are advising so many of us now use protective gear when we go out in public. 

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1. Protecting workers from coronavirus

This is the first and most obvious benefit of PPE. Those brave and selfless workers who are still out there keeping the country running need all the support they can get. That’s why we’ve dedicated our production capabilities to creating personal protective equipment.

Social distancing by itself is mildly effective, but PPE like face masks, bio barriers and goggles ensure that workers face even more limited contact with virus carriers. Since direct exposure by coughing and sneezing is by far the most common means of transference for viruses like COVID-19, PPE provides a further barrier between people and infection. 

2. Protect yourself from viruses

Whether or not you’re an essential worker, your safety is still of the utmost importance. Taking any and all precautions against the spread of COVID-19, even if they only have a marginal impact, is part and parcel of how we’re going to beat this pandemic together. 

When you’re out in public, taking the necessary steps to cover your face and then ensuring your hands are cleaned properly when you get home can help hugely. Since coronavirus is so infectious, any measures you can take to protect yourself are incredibly important, especially if you live in a household with others.

3. Protect others from yourself

There has been some debate over the effectiveness of face masks in terms of prevention, but most health organisations now agree that they are invaluable for protecting against the further spread of coronavirus. That’s why wearing PPE is as much about others as it is yourself.

Even if you don’t believe you’ve had the virus, there’s a chance you could be asymptomatic. Wearing PPE ensures that any coughing or sneezing is limited and restrained, rather than travelling through the air and potentially making contact with other people. That’s why PPE helps save lives.

Buying PPE

Now that you recognise the importance of PPE, the best steps you can take are to buy PPE from a reputable seller. That’s why the products we stock are all well-tested, and with clear lines of manufacture.

We sell KN95 face masks, hand sanitiser, bio barriers, protective goggles and face shields, amongst many other items in our PPE store. If you’re looking for reliable personal protective equipment, the trusted option is always PPE Solution.